“Shhh.” I plant my hand over Bailey’s mouth before she can speak. It doesn’t stop her talking but at least it keeps the noise level down a touch.  

“We don’t want mommy to hear us, remember?” Why did I think getting two 6-year olds to help with a Valentines surprise for my wife was a good idea? Will I ever learn? They’ve argued over everything from who gets to stir the pancake mix, to who is the best Shopkin.  

That’s right. I, Duke Nash, former Army Ranger, is well versed in all thing miniature toy related these days. 

“You going to be quiet if I let you go?” Her faux innocent eyes gaze up at me as she nods. Sliding my hand away, I hold my breath, waiting for her to start shouting again. Thankfully, she actually listens for once.  

Making her way over to the table where her twin sister Brooke sits, Bailey pulls out a chair and climbs up, kneeling in front of the mixing bowl I have set up already. “Here, you can mix the pancakes.” Brooke says inching the bowl closer to her sister. My sweet girl, always playing peacekeeper.  

When we’ve finally gotten the breakfast made and arranged on a tray, I pull out the small gift bag I stashed away after work last night. Passing it to Brooke, Bailey takes the flowers we picked from the garden early this morning. Tiptoeing up the stairs, I push the bedroom door open enough for the girls to creep in. Placing the tray on the floor next to the bed, I take a second to appreciate the spectacular view in front of me.  

My wife is a vision. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to calling her that.  


I doubt it.  

When I’d asked Elliott to marry me on Christmas eve, I knew I didn’t want to wait around. I wanted to get her tied to me as quickly as possible. We’d been together long enough, been through enough shit. I knew there was no one else for me but her. I hadn’t been surprised when she’d told me she didn’t want to wait either.  

However, I was surprised when she told me she wanted us to fly to Vegas as soon as we possibly could. Maybe it was because she’d already had the big wedding once before. Or maybe she just felt the same burning need to be tied together that I did. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t going to argue. We’d been married by a fake Elvis just over three weeks later. One month ago, today. 

Elliott lays on my side of the bed, my pillow bunched up under her and her grip on it tight. She does that a lot. As soon as my ass leaves the bed, she’s there, grabbing my pillow. Her blonde hair is wild from me having my hands in it most of the night, just how I love it. The girls gently climb up next to her, thankfully she slept in one of my shirts last night. Her eyes blink open slowly and a smile forms on her pouty lips. If you’d have asked me a year ago if I'd ever used the word pouty, the answer would have been a big fuck no. Just one of the many, many things that’s changed since the first time I kissed Elliott. 

“Morning babies.” Elliott smiles, giving each girl a kiss on their head. “Happy Valentine's day.” 

“Happy bannentynes Mommy!” They chirp in unison. They might be twins, but Brooke and Bailey have very different personalities, so it makes it even more cute when they speak together like that.  

A little while later, once the pancakes are eaten and Elliott has her gifts, the girls run off to get dressed before their dad comes to collect them. As much as I love those kids, I’m more than ready for some alone time with my wife.  

Pulling her across the bed, I wrap my arms around her waist and settle her against my chest.  

“Happy Valentine’s Sweetheart.” I murmur against her lips.  

“Mmmm...best gift I’ve gotten today.” Her hands snake into my hair just like they always do and just like always, the kiss ignites out of control. In the blink of an eye, Elliott is straddling me. My hands grip her bare ass, as she grinds down on to my rock-solid cock. I know I need to slow this shit down, but fuck if I can find the strength to be the one to stop. We keep it up, lips locked and hips grinding until the two little cockblockers down the hall start yet another row.  

Elliott pulls away from me, resting her forehead against mine while she catches her breath. I just about see the smile that ghosts her lips. . 

This woman. God. She has no idea what she does to me. She fucking turns me inside out every damn day.  

Pressing my lips to hers one last time, I tap her ass, signalling her to get off my lap. It’s either that or I’m going to end up throwing her on to her back and fucking her into the mattress. Climbing off me, she slips her arms into her robe. Elliott starts to leave the room but stops and turns to me right at the last second.  

“Thank you for my gift.” She says softly, toying with the bracelet I let the twins pick out for her. 

“Glad you like it, Sweetheart.” 

“I love it. You’ll have to wait until later for your gift.” She nods towards a Victoria’s Secret bag that’s perched on the dressing table on the other side of the room. Letting out a pained groan, I fall back on to the bed. She’s trying to kill me.  

The sound of her laughter floats through the air as she walks out of the room. 

Yep. She’s definitely trying to kill me.  

But I can’t think of a better way to go.  



“Why the fuck are we leaving the house again?” I groan as I help Elliott out of the car. Of course, she treats me to a prime view of her incredible legs as she steps out. I’m sure I just saw a scrap of pink lace under the stupidly short dress she has on. 

“Because it will be fun. We never all manage to get a sitter on the same night.” She answers on an eye roll as she drags me towards the restaurant entrance. If anyone has the right to eye roll it’s me, I’m the idiot that’s spending Valentine’s with my wife, my sister and her husband. A double fucking date. Did I mention we are child free? I deserve a medal for this shit.  

Before we get to the doors, I pull on Elliott’s hand. Not giving her the chance to speak, I take her mouth in a deep, wet kiss with plenty of tongue. Just how she likes it. She melts into me, gripping onto my waist for support. This time it’s me pulling away first, thrilled at the dazed expression on her flushed face.  

“Come on. Let’s go have fun.” Chuckling at the groan she lets out, I guide her into the restaurant.  

Stopping at the hostess stand, I tell her my name and that we have a reservation. Knowing my sister and her husband, they will be late. I’m sure they’ll be making the most of some baby free time. Jeez, just the thought makes me shudder. 

“Okay, let me just look for you.” The hostess smiles. “Yep, here we go. Nash party of five.” She grabs a handful of menus and starts to walk towards the table. 

“There must be a mistake.” I tell her before she can get too far ahead of us. “There’s just the four of us.” 

“Oh. Well it definitely says five in here. Four plus a baby?” She scans the page again when I repeat there’s just the four adults. “Well, that’s ok. We'll clear the highchair away. No need to move tables.”  

Elliott is suspiciously quiet through the whole exchange. Suspiciously because she’s never quiet for long.  What is she up to?  

I’m sure my wife forgets how well I know her. She’s up to something.  

The hostess shows us to a private table at the back of the restaurant, it’s tucked away in an alcove so nobody can see it if they’re walking past. My eyes narrow as they take in the table. Four seats, no highchair in sight. One of the seats has a gift bag sitting in front of it.  

Turning to look at El, I see she’s biting on her lip, fighting a smile.  

“Well, look at that. No need to take anything away. Must have been a mistake in the reservation book is all.” The hostess babbles on as we take our seats and she passes us a wine list. The more she talks, the harder Elliott has to fight her smile.  

When we’re finally alone, I drag her chair closer to mine so I can place my hand on her thigh. “What’s the smile for, Sweetheart?” I ask leaning close to her ear. I learnt a long time ago where my wife’s weak spots are. A few light touches traced down her spine, and my breath tickling her ear? She’s biting her lip for a completely different reason now. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She says the words on a quiet breath at the same time she shivers. Pulling back just enough to look in her eyes I keep speaking. 

“You sure about that?”  

“Stop trying to turn me on and open your gift.” She says, pulling the small bag closer to us.  

“I thought you were wearing my gift.” I emphasize my point my sliding my hand under the hem of her dress. The skin like silk, leading to damp panties. And yes, they’re lace.  

Fuck me. 

“Well, I distinctly remember you getting me two amazing Christmas gifts.” She’s referring to the house I bought us and her engagement ring. “So, it seemed fair to get you two gifts too. One for now.” She taps the bag twice. “and the other you’ll get later when you strip me out of this dress.” Looks she knows my weak spots just as well as I know hers.  

Pulling the tissue paper out of the bag, I find a long thin box wrapped in a white ribbon.  

“What’s this?” I give the box a shake, causing Elliott to roll her eyes at me.  

“Typical guy.” She sighs, smile still in place. “Just open it.”  

I do as I’m told. Pulling the ribbon off and sliding the lid off.  

It takes a minute for my brain to figure out what it is I'm looking at. I can feel my heart beat in my throat as a million thoughts flow through my mind at once. Is she telling me she’s... 

Fuck. I’m think I’m about to fucking cry.  

My hand shakes as I lift the white stick out of the box. Elliott places her hand on my thigh and leans into my side. The soft skin of her nose grazing a path towards my ear pulls me from the brain fog I’ve been in. 

“If it’s a boy. I hope he looks like you.” She whispers, shifting back enough I can see her eyes. Eyes that are shimmering with tears. Happy tears that match the ones in my own eyes. 

Elliott has already given me the incredible gift of two little girls.  

My girls.  

I might not have made them with her, but her letting me raise them with her is more than I ever hoped for. Knowing she’s giving me another baby to add to our chaotic, slightly crazy family is a dream come true.  

One I’ll never stop being thankful for.